Information Technology

IT Department Vision

Our vision is to construct an evolving foundation of the best available technology to continuously support the strategic visions and goals established by City Council and the City Manager.

We understand that technology will continue to advance, as will the vision of the City and its residents. So it is our job to stay abreast of the latest in municipal government technology and to tailor that technology to meet the needs of the residents of West University Place and its government.

IT Department Mission

The Information Technology Department provides support for the city’s computer network and online presence. This includes any hardware connected to the network, such as computers, phones, facilities access, and surveillance, as well as cyber security, the city's website, and digital communications.

Networking Center

IT supports the City's day-to-day network center operations. This includes functions such as:

  • Networking infrastructure and security
  • Network access control and cloud security
  • Internet and mobile security

Systems & Hardware

IT provides technical services to support and enhance City information systems and cover all data, hardware, and software. This includes items and functions such as:

  • Applications and operating systems
  • Facilities access and security
  • First responders MDT, radios, and body and dash cameras


IT provides technical services to support maintenance and enhancements to the City’s multiple communications systems, including:

  • Office and cellular telephones, and other mobile devices
  • IT on-boarding service
  • IT communications and digital content management

Web Services

IT supports the City's internet and intranet web services, including:

  • Website management
  • Mobile app development
  • Web-based city services, including Click West U and West U Collects

Digital mapping (GIS)

IT provides geographical information services (GIS), which includes:

  • Developing and maintaining the city’s spatial database
  • Producing maps, analyzing data, and generating reports
  • Developing user-friendly internal and external interfaces to the City's digital maps

IT Department Goals

To achieve our vision, we have implemented the following ongoing goals:

  • Restrict and secure access to data
  • Provide excellent customer service, employee service, and user training
  • Keep IT staff trained and informed of technology trends, enhancements, and capabilities
  • Provide a stable and reliable information technology infrastructure built on up-to-date hardware and software tools
  • Improve access to City services and information through the web and other online systems