Roadway Pavement Improvements

The foundation of the improvement plan is the Pavement Management Report conducted by Terracon. This comprehensive assessment has identified areas in need of attention to ensure the longevity and functionality of our roadways.

Here's an overview of the key projects and timelines:

Joint Sealing and Isolated Panel Replacement - 2023

Starting this year, we will focus on joint sealing throughout the city. This essential maintenance activity helps preserve the integrity of the pavement and extend its lifespan.

Additionally, isolated panel replacements and slab leveling will commence in June. These targeted repairs address specific areas of deterioration or unevenness to improve ride quality and safety for motorists.

Total Reconstruction of Designated Roadways - 2024 - 2026

Over the next three years, we will undertake a series of projects involving the complete reconstruction of designated roadways. This comprehensive approach will involve removing the existing pavement and replacing it with a new, durable surface.

By reconstructing these roadways, we aim to address significant deterioration, structural deficiencies, and other issues that cannot be adequately resolved through localized repairs.

Deferred Maintenance Activities - 2027 - 2028

In 2027 and 2028, we will focus on completing deferred maintenance activities identified in the Pavement Management Report. These activities may include isolated panel replacements and slab leveling in specific areas that require attention.

By addressing these deferred maintenance needs, we can ensure the overall longevity and performance of our roadways.

We understand the impact that construction activities can have on the community, and we are committed to minimizing disruptions as much as possible. Throughout these projects, we will provide regular updates to keep residents informed about timelines, affected roadways, and any necessary detours or alternative routes.

Our goal is to create safer, smoother, and more reliable roadways for all who utilize them. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work towards achieving this goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Capital Projects Manager, Eduardo Barreto at (713) 662- 5848 or by email at