Traffic Control

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Control Division is responsible for maintenance and installation of all traffic signals, signage and street markings and ensuring compliance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

The City is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 5 traffic control signals located at the following intersections:

  • Buffalo Speedway and Rice
  • Buffalo Speedway and Sunset Boulevard
  • Buffalo Speedway and University Boulevard
  • Weslayan and Rice
  • Weslayan and University Boulevard

Operations of the signals are coordinated with the City of Houston and Metro in an effort to provide maximum traffic flow efficiency.

Traffic Control & Street Name Signs

The MUTCD plays a critical role in improving the safety and mobility of all road users through the standardization requirements of all traffic signs. All traffic control signs within the City of West U comply with the MUTCD.

Through the efforts of the Traffic Control personnel, biannual inspections of all signs are completed to ensure all City signs remain compliant.

Street Marking Maintenance

Pavement markings are an accepted method to communicate both the intended travel path and the roadway alignment for drivers during the day and nighttime conditions. Annual inspections are completed on all street markings to ensure proper visibility and compliance with MUTCD standards.

Street Closings for Block Parties

Are you planning to have a block party and would like to learn more about closing the street for your event? Please visit the Block Party and Street Event Application Process resource for more information.

Trees and Vegetation in Front of Your Home

Property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of vegetation and trees that are planted in the City's right-of-way (ROW) adjacent to your property. 

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