Barking Dogs

The Issue

West University Place is a small, family oriented community. As such, we rely on pet owners to control their animal's behavior so that it does not become a nuisance or danger to the community. Dogs that bark and disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, or disturb a person of ordinary sensitivity residing adjacent to the barking dog, are a violation of city law and subject the owner to municipal fines and various other remedies provided for in Chapter 14 of the city's code of ordinances. People simply walking by the house, workers across the street, children playing, or any other routine activity does not excuse the pet owner from controlling their pet's barking.

Possible Solutions

Unless the dog is responding to an intruder in a non-public area, or is responding reasonably to an injury to itself or a human, the dog's barking is in violation of city law. There isn't a time limit on the duration of barking or a specific time frame that constitutes an offense, and there isn't a quicker way to dissolve harmony with the neighbors than to let your pet go into uncontrolled peals of barking. Dogs are pack animals, and they get bored and frustrated when left alone for extended periods of time. If you own a dog that upsets the neighbors with constant barking, consider purchasing a bark collar from a pet store, placing an opaque screen on the gate to block the view of the sidewalk and street area, or check into crate and obedience training to correct the problem.