West University Tree Trust

About the Tree Trust

The West University Place Tree Trust was established as a means to ensure the regeneration and diversity of the city's urban forest. The Tree Trust is funded by payments from residents and contractors who remove trees for the construction of homes, garages, pools or other structures when they do not have enough space on their lot for the minimum required replacement plantings.

Donation Rate

The current donation rate is $250 per diameter inch and $2,000 for each 4-inch tree required. If you are interested in donating toward your replacement requirement, you may email the Development Services Division or visit the Development Services Division page.

Tree Trust Application

Each fall, residents may apply for a tree, at no direct cost, to be planted in the public realm adjacent to their property (i.e. the street right of way or front/corner side building setback). Trees are typically planted during December and/or January. Trees are planted on a first come basis depending on the amount of funds available in the account. 

2023 applications will be accepted starting in September. 

Residents who wish to apply can do so by:

  • Online application
  • Print and mail a paper application (PDF) to:
    West University Place
    Development Services
    3826 Amherst
    West University Place, TX 77005
    Fax: 713.662.5304 or in person at the Public Works Building located at 3826 Amherst Street


Trees from the Tree Trust may only be planted in the public realm adjacent to their property (i.e. the street right of way or street side building setback). Please consider the available planting space when making your request for a particular type of tree. Tree species that mature into large trees will not be planted beneath the canopy of an existing healthy tree or beneath overhead utility lines. Also consider visibility triangles at street intersections and at street and driveway intersections.

Tree Size

Applicants who have the required grow-space and are approved will receive at no cost a 30-gallon tree, which is approximately 8-10-feet tall and 2-inches in caliper tree growing in a 30-gallon container. The trees will be planted, staked, mulched and fertilized by the selected contractor. Applicants will then be responsible for all maintenance after planting.