Residents are encouraged to regularly check their consumption via H2Online. With the ability to set usage limits, receive alerts, and track usage trends, residents can stay informed in real-time and detect water leaks early on. By being more mindful of their water consumption, residents can work towards conservation efforts.H2Online mobile and desktop examples

Please note that Customer Connect will be replaced by H2Online, and users will be required to create a new account. Please have your most recent utility bill available as you will need your account number and last billed amount to create your H2Online account. 

View the H2Online User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create your account and set up various alerts. 

Helpful Tips for Possible Leaks

  1. Check for a defect in your private water system. This could be a dripping faucet, running toilet, leak in a water line, etc. To perform this check:
    • Record the reading from your water meter.
    • Do not use any water for a period of eight (8) hours or more. (It may be less inconvenient if you test overnight).
    • Record the reading on your meter at the end of the test period. Compare the two readings. If the readings are different and you did not use any water, a defect, or leak, is indicated.
  2. Check if a toilet is leaking:
    • Drop enough drops of food coloring into the tank to make the water in the tank a really dark color of your choice.
    • Let sit for fifteen (15) minutes without flushing.
    • If there is a lighter color in the toilet bowl, this is a good indication the toilet is leaking.
  3. If all else fails please call a plumber. Leaks can be costly.

Water Saving Tips

1. Water your lawn in the early morning (before 2 a.m.) and late evenings (after 9 p.m.) 
2. Check for irrigation system over-spray. You may need to adjust the sprinkler heads.
3. Mulch trees and plant beds with 2-3" mulch. Plants will need less water.
4. Run full (not partial) laundry & dishwasher loads.

For more information please visit the water conservation page.