Department Structure

The West University Place Fire Department is comprised of 1 fire station that houses 23 full-time personnel. Fire shift personnel work a 48/96 shift schedule.

Fire Administration:

  • Fire Chief/Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal 


Operations staff are divided into the A, B, and C shifts. There is a Captain, a Lieutenant and 5 Firefighter/Paramedics assigned to each shift.

Shift Personnel

Shift A
Shift B
Shift C
Jeffrey Mraz, Captain
Derek Elkins, Captain
Joe Gebhardt, Captain
Clayton Wilson, Lieutenant
John Breaux, Lieutenant
Jennifer Drake, Lieutenant
Patrick Gordon, Firefighter
Tony Brooks, Firefighter
Adam Smith, Firefighter
Michael Ashcraft, Firefighter
Evan Kinslow, Firefighter
Riley Thompson, Firefighter
Joseph Lau, Firefighter
Aaron Rosenfield, Firefighter
Austin Sanders, Firefighter
Preston Elder, Firefighter
Auston Douglas, Firefighter
Manuel Arredondo, Firefighter
Christopher Tippett, Firefighter
Jarad Barr, Firefighter Jose Gonzalez, Firefighter