Sports and Games


Tennis (Ages 2 and up)

Whether it's your toddler's first time holding a racket, or your future pro teen keeping up their game, we provide a variety of tennis lessons for children starting at just 2 years old.


Gymbinos (Ages 2 and up)

Start building a great foundation of neuronal connections for your child's holistic development by practicing physical skills like balance and coordination with lots of fun. Activities include music and movement, stretching, balance beam, tumbling, and more. Parent or caregiver must participate in Level I and Level II.

Fees: $150 R, $165 NR
Instructor: Gymbinos
Location: Rec Center – Multi-Purpose Rm 4
No Class: Feb 17, March 16, May 4


Karate (Ages 5 - 12)

If your children have ever had an interest in trying to learn a martial art, this is just the program for them. Our classes cover full instruction in the art, sport and self-defense areas of karate, and are taught in a supportive and confidence-building environment. Uniform fee: $30 (payable to the instructor).

Fees: Session 01 $60 R, $70NR Session 02 $55 R $65NR
Instructor: Jennifer Freeman
Location: Rec Center – Multi-Purpose Rm 1
No Class: March 19


Little Laxers Lacrosse (Ages 4 – 10)

Introductory lacrosse class for boys and girls ages 4–10. Fun and safe drills covering the five beginner skills of passing, catching, scooping ground balls, cradling, and shooting. No prior experience necessary and all equipment will be provided. Parents must be present during class.

Fees: $150 R, $165 NR
Instructor: Little Laxers
Location: Rec Center – North West Field


Chess Lessons

Chess lessons are taught by Stormy Newton. He has over 26 years of experience in teaching chess and coaching in over 200 scholastic chess tournaments. years of experience on the different strategies and tactics of the historic game of chess.

Fees: $275 R, $300 NR
Instructor: Stormy Newton
Location: Rec Center – Multi-Purpose Rm 2
No Class: March 19


Yoga for Kids (Ages 3 - 6)

Yoga for kids allows young children to learn mindfulness, flexibility, strength, confidence and stress management. Kids will learn yoga postures and breath work through yoga games, art, and story time. Children ages 3–6 participate in weekly yoga classes taught by a certified yoga instructor and registered nurse. Children must be potty trained to attend this class.

Fees: $285 R, $310 NR

Instructor: MilkLoveYoga-Hilary Amburgey
Location: Rec Center – Multi-Purpose Rm 1
No Class: March 19