Code of Conduct

West University Place 

Parks and Recreation Department 



The City of West University Place Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is to provide quality programs, facilities and services that encourage community participation and promote fun, physical activity and growth in a safe and wholesome environment.  In support of our mission, the Department has a Behavior Code of Conduct for all individuals participating or volunteering in a Department program or activity, attending a class or event, or using Department’s facilities or property. The Code of Conduct addresses the minimum expected behavior of every participant and park and facility guest to ensure the safety and comfort of all involved. All participants and park and facility guests are expected to always exhibit appropriate behavior. This Behavior Code of Conduct represents the Department‘s expectations within contracted programs or services. Participants, parents, volunteers, and guests are required to make themselves informed and aware of this Behavior Code of Conduct, as well as any other rules and behavior expectations developed for specific programs, events, parks and facilities as deemed necessary by the City of West University Place Parks and Recreation Department.  The City of West University Place Parks and Recreation Department and its contractors insist that all participants and park and facility guests comply with the following basic behavior.

A person who engages in the following conduct while in or on the Department’s premises may be given a warning or be asked to leave the premises:

1. Engages in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the Department, or that disturbs the Department’s staff or patrons, including conduct that involves the use of abusive or threatening language or gestures, conduct that creates an unreasonable noise, conduct that constitutes harassment, or physical conduct or talking that is loud, threatening, or boisterous.

2. Disobeys the Department’s Park and facility rules, and or a refuses to follow reasonable directions from Parks and Recreation Department staff or contractor.

2. Uses abusive or foul language.

3. Threatens or causes bodily harm to self, other participants, guests, volunteers, staff and/or contractors.

4. Threatens or causes damage to the property of others or the Department, including the Department’s equipment, supplies, parks and facilities.

5. Possesses any weapons, except in instances where equipment is needed for participation in program, such as Tai Chi and archery or is lawfully permitted. 

6. All clothing should be clean, appropriate for the activity, and shall not be see-through or thong style/excessively revealing or include lewd or explicit content.

7. Body odor or other poor personal hygiene that interferes with the normal operation of the Department.