Leash Law

About Leash Law

The City of West University Place requires that all dogs be on a leash when outside of a secure enclosure (i.e., fenced in – electronic fences are not considered a secure enclosure, and dogs wearing electronic fence system collars have been picked up numerous times by animal control). Dogs on a leash must be held by a person of sufficient strength to actually restrain the animal and keep the animal under control to prevent the disturbance of other persons. Putting a leash on your dog will prevent it from running into the street, attacking other dogs or their owners, and are less of a problem to control. All dogs have the potential to bite, and letting your dog run free is a huge gamble. Besides the municipal fines assessed for the dog being at-large, dogs that bite and break skin are required by state and city law to be quarantined for a mandatory 10 day period at the owner's expense. Letting your dog run loose is not a way to show your pet that you love it. It is a violation of city law, and subjects everyone around the unleashed dog to unnecessary problems.