Instructor & Vendor Information

Notice of Ordinance 


All programming, classes and private instruction allowed in West U’s Parks are offered through the City of West University Place and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation Department coordinates the provision of leisure, recreation, and education programs for all demographic populations. 

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact Program Specialist Lisa Cearfoss at or 713.662.7468 to complete a class proposal form, which is required for your class to be considered as an addition to our current programming.  

Note:   Per Ordinance, it is unlawful to receive payment for instruction without a contract with the Parks and Recreation Department, and each violation is subject to a fine of up to $500 per occurrence. This ordinance will go into effect and enforcement on October 1, 2022. 

Thank you for your interest in providing programming in West University Place.


Class Fee 

It is the contract instructor’s responsibility to propose the cost of the class. The program manager will work with the instructor to come up with a fee that follows the established procedure. Instructors will receive a percentage split that will be agreed upon during the contract process. In addition to the percentage agreed, the City will add and retain a $10 non-resident fee for class fees of $100 or less, $15 for class fees ranging from $101 to $249, and $25 for all class fees $250 or more.  Non-resident fees will increase in 2023.  West U PARD will collect all fees, and issue the instructor a payment.

Background Checks

Every coordinator, instructor, substitute or anyone that will be helping out with a class MUST complete a back ground check before they begin working. The proper forms will be provided. 


Insurance must be at least a million dollar policy for each occurrence.  The name of the insured must match the name on the contract and Commercial Liability must be checked.  The City of West University Place must be listed as the Certificate holder.  If you have employees that work at West U PARD facilities, you must have workman’s comp.

Instructor & Vendor Related Documents

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