City Kennel

Reclaiming Your Dog

Dogs found running at-large in the City of West University Place are picked up and taken to the city kennel located at 2801 N. Braeswood where they can await reclamation. The reclamation fee for unregistered dogs is $100, and the reclamation fee for dogs registered with the city is $50 for the first pick-up. These fees do not include any possible municipal fines that may be assessed for the dog being "at-large," unregistered, not wearing their rabies tag, not wearing a city tag, etc. The City of West University Place does not perform adoptions. Anyone interested in adopting a dog or cat should visit the S.P.C.A. or Houston Humane Society.

The city kennel is inspected twice a year: once by the Texas Department of Health, and once by an independent veterinarian using a Texas Department of Health supplied checklist. Unclaimed dogs are kept for a period of 72 hours, after which they are transferred to a local veterinarian.