Children's Swimming

West University Place partners with multiple top swimming coaching and training companies in our area. From infants to teens, from beginner to experienced, if you want to learn to swim, or just improve your skill and technique, we offer a program right for you. 

Learn about our children’s swimming programs below.


Wally’s PoolSchool

Appointments are available for 30-minute private and semi-private swim lessons a the Recreation Center. Lessons are based on your schedule and pool/staff availability.


Infant Aquatics

Ages: 6 months - 6 years

It's never too early for your child to learn to swim. Learning to swim as an infant can often be easier than learning when older. Infant Aquatic Swim is a proven method that equips children ages 6 months to 6 years with the survival swimming skills required to safely enjoy the water.


Youth Swim Fit

Ages: 8 and up

This is a class geared for intermediate swimmers ages 8 and older, who can swim the pool length comfortably with a reasonable crawl stroke or freestyle and would like to improve their swimming skills and fitness.


The Swim Guru

Ages: 6 and up

For young proficient swimmers who want to hone their technical skills in order to swim more confidently and competently.


Lifelong Swim School

Ages: 4 months and older

Providing swimming lessons at all skill levels for children as young as 4 months. Also offers lessons for special-needs swimmers.


Wolfie's Swim School

Ages: All ages children

A family-owned business that specializes in small class sizes for students of all ages and skill levels. Flexible scheduling.