Kids Tennis Classes for Ages 3-6

Pre Teeny Tennis (Age 3) Red Ball, Felt and Foam

This is an introductory class for 3-year-olds* who are brand new to our Teeny Tennis Developmental System. In this special class, our students learn the very basics of tennis in a bright and colorful, fun and nurturing environment, which provides a seamless transition to Teeny Tennis I. Parents must be present for the duration of the class. Age-appropriate equipment is provided.

*Younger players need approval from instructor Neil Harrison.

Teeny Tennis I (Ages 4–6) Red Ball, Felt and Foam

In a bright and colorful age-appropriate environment, our students continue with the very basics of tennis, exploring the forehand and backhand groundstrokes; volleys and overheads; pre-serving; and movement and balance drills, all on a 36-foot tennis court. All age-appropriate equipment is provided.

Teeny Tennis I Supers (By Invitation) Red Ball, Felt and Foam, Orange Ball

Designed for those students showing exceptional ability at this age range (3–5 years) and featuring a small class size, this class provides advanced lessons in rallying, serving, and returning, as well as keeping score and performing footwork drills.