Adjustment Options

Unusually Large Bills

If you receive an unusually large water bill, you can contact the city: email, calling 713-662-5824, or by visiting the Utility Customer Service window inside City Hall. 

You can always view your water consumption through our Customer Connect. This is not connected to our online payment system, so you'll need to register if you haven't visited the site before.

Leak Problems

If you have a large bill due to a leak, complete the Leak Adjustment Form  and provide the original repair bill. The city will absorb 50% of the difference between the high bill and your average bill. The city will adjust up to 6 bills of high consumption due to a leak.

General Adjustments

For an unusually large bill not due to a leak, complete the Unusually Large Bill Form, and in most cases, the city will adjust to 160% of your average bill. 

Pool Refills

Pools refilled with metered water within the last 90 days are eligible for a sewer adjustment based on the number of gallons used during the time it took to refill the pool. Swimming Pool Adjustment Form.

Adjustment Limits

Only one type of adjustment can be made in a 12-month period. The adjustment will appear on your next bill.