Current Projects

Buffalo Speedway at Bissonnet looking South into West U 10-26-2018 0800The Public Works Department addresses the city's utility and transportation needs through projects that restore, maintain and improve existing infrastructure and streets. Capital projects may include infrastructure needs of the Water, Wastewater, and Drainage utilities, the city's streets and sidewalks, and city facilities.These projects are funded through a variety of sources that make up the City's Capital Improvement Fund (2019 Approved Budget).

Buffalo Speedway
Through a federal grant, the City of West University Place was awarded funding to replace the existing road surface of Buffalo Speedway.  The project area will consist of the section of road that traverses the City beginning at the 5300 block (south of Bissonnet) and ending at the 6700 block (north of W. Holcombe/Bellaire).  As part of this project, the City will also make improvements to the drainage system.