Code Enforcement

About the Department

The City of West University Place's Code Enforcement Division enforces compliance with city ordinances pertaining to the upkeep, sanitation, rehabilitation, conservation and safety of residential and commercial properties, such as:
  • high weeds and grass,
  • illegal signage,
  • substandard structures,
  • conditions on construction sites,
  • visibility triangles,
  • zoning ordinances, and
  • animal control functions as well. 
Code Enforcement also administers the Parking Etiquette Program.  (Link here.) To notify staff of a code enforcement issue, please click here.
The City of West University Place's codes are intended to make our city a better place to live, work, and play. Compliance with these laws can help to maintain property values, deter crime, reduce vandalism, and prevent deterioration of your neighborhood.

You can view a complete listing of city ordinances.