Senior & Disabled Residents Solid Waste Service


The city reduces the cost of solid waste pick up for customers who are over 65 or disabled.

Obtaining Service

To obtain the reduced solid waste rate, the city requires a copy of the requestor's drivers license or other valid identification as age verification. Residents who receive a disability exemption for property tax purposes can receive the reduced rate for solid waste service with appropriate documentation. If you receive a disability exemption for property tax purposes, please contact the Finance Department to have your account updated.

Rate Increases

The 2016 budget included a 30% increase on all solid waste rates, increasing the over 65 and disabled rates to $15.95 per month ($17.27 with tax) and the regular rates  to $31.40 per month ($33.99 with tax). Twenty percent (20%) of the increase is due to increased cost of existing services and ten percent (10%) is due to the addition of green waste recycling.