Colonial Park Playground Project

Improvements being considered for the Colonial Park Playground

The West U Parks and Recreation Board and City staff have been working with a citizen user group to identify on possible updates to the east end of Colonial Park.

Among the improvements under consideration are:

  • Repurposing the sand volleyball court into a Challenge Course - a youth fitness area
  • Refreshing the two large play structures
  • Replacing the existing wooden play structures with new sand play features
  • Improving lighting in the playground area and along the perimeter of the walking path
Colonial Park Challenge Course Rendering

The photo to the left is a rendering of the Challenge Course to be located in the current sand volleyball area. Specific equipment and playcement may vary.

Below are two video links showing you the challenge course concept.

Are your ready for the challenge?

Challenge Course Video 1

The layout in the video is much larger and includes more equipment than the challenge course under consideration (see rendering). The equipment shown in the video link above is for ages 13 & up, and it is not the 5-12 year old equipment that is under consideration

Challenge Course Video 2

This layout and configuration is very similar to the challenge course under consideration; however, the equipment shown in the video is for ages 13 & up, and it is not the 5-12 year old equipment that is under consideration.

To receive updates on this project, email or call 713.662.5367.