Poor Farm Ditch Project

undefined Opens in new windowIn June 2023, Harris County notified the cities of West University Place and Southside Place that it secured funding to complete the $31.3 million project. Thanks to the efforts of Congresswomen Fletcher, Senator Huffman, Senator Whitmire, and Representative Johnson in securing the remaining $26.59 million in funding.  

Although this project will be managed by the Harris County Flood Control District, the City of West U is committed to providing information to its residents over the course of this initiative. 

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    Posted on October 26, 2023

    The City and the Flood Control District are providing project updates related to Poor Farm Ditch improvements. Read on...
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The current channel was constructed in 1952 and is one of the earliest examples of a concrete-lined ditch in Harris County. But, the Poor Farm Ditch's origins date back to when homes in West U were first under construction in the 1920s! Early records note that the ditch, formally known as Drainage Ditch No. 2, was drudged in 1928.

The area is no stranger to flooding events, which is why Poor Farm Ditch was, and still is, a highly sought-after tool in regional flood control goals. The next major facelift the Ditch received was in in the 1950s by the Harris County Flood Control District (Flood Control District) - the managing authority overseeing the Ditch's performance and future reconstruction.

The next major discussion over Poor Farm Ditch did not come to fruition until 2002 when West University Place and Southside Place initiated a collaborative effort to enhance the condition and functionality of the channel.

Since the discussions in 2002, the Flood Control District and an engineering firm were engaged to assist in improving the ditch's functionality. The flooding events in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 highlighted calls for a comprehensive review of the region's flood control measures. This caused other county projects to take higher priority by the HCFCD, but after failing to secure funding the project was put on hold in 2019.