Zoning & Planning Fees

Variances & Modifications

If the Zoning and Planning Commission finds extraordinary hardship may result from strict compliance with the requirements of Chapter 74, it may vary the provisions so that substantial justice may be done and the public interest secured if the variance will not have the effect of nullifying the intent and purpose of the requirements.

Plat & Re-Plat Fees

Standard Charge
Each Lot and Reserve Shown on the Plat or Re-Plat
$10 Each
For Required Legal Notices
Legal Instruments
$100 Each
Rechecking Fee
$100 Each


The applicant will be required to pay the City's actual cost of plat preparation and revision, plus incidentals. Incidentals include:

  • Copies as may be required and not provided by the applicant
  • Legal notices
  • Recordings
  • Research
  • Signature requests
  • Surveys
  • Title and legal work

The full actual cost for plat preparation must be paid before the plat will be released for recording. See fee schedule for Amending plats.

Rezoning - Request for special benefit Fees

A base fee of $500 plus out-of-pocket expenses for drafting and review by the planner, engineer, attorney, and other consultants.


A deposit will be estimated by the Administrative Official and may be increased as the matter proceeds to cover the estimated full costs at these stages:

  1. Before the meeting of the Zoning and Planning Commission to consider a preliminary report
  2. Before any hearing notices are sent out
  3. Before the meeting at which the Zoning and Planning Commission considers its final report