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Sign up for DirectLink Monitoring

  1. Monthly Fee: $35

  2. Note:

    Please contact an alarm technician FIRST to connect your system to DirectLink they are also able provide equipment for your system. SECONDLY, complete the DirectLink form below, an incomplete form will delay your service start date. Please come by Police Department to get a DirectLink yard sign. (optional)

  3. Your Contact Information

  4. You do not need to enter a city, state, or zip code.

  5. Please provide previous West University Address if you held a prior alarm permit. You do not need to enter city, state, or zip code.

  6. Property Type*

    Select which option best describes your property.

  7. Secondary Contact Information (resident)

  8. Commercial Information

  9. Emergency Contact Information: (required for resident/business)

    Other than the resident or business owner/manager, List two individuals who can respond to the alarm site, have access to the site and the code for disarming the alarm.

  10. Passwords

    Enter a password of your choice, we will use this to verify you when you contact us.

  11. Additional Details

  12. Alarm Notification Types*

  13. Zone List

    If you were given a zone list from your installer please email it to, this application can not be processed without your zone list. If your zone list is the same as the previous owner we will already have that information on file.

  14. Allowed on Premises

    Please provide name, their relationship (such as "friend", "uncle" etc.) and phone number all off persons authorized to enter the premises of the permit holder.

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