How does Click West U work?
A typical scenario would include a citizen needing to contact a city department for a service - this could be to report a water leak, a missing or damaged traffic sign, etc. Instead of the citizen looking up a telephone number to call the city, or stopping by a city facility in person, they can report the issue through Click West U.

Requests can be made online or through the mobile phone application. The resident will then complete a simple electronic form - they can choose to provide their name or remain anonymous. A tracking number is provided for each request. The request is then sent to the appropriate city staff person who can be dispatched to resolve the issue.

Through Click West U, city staff can track all requests, make notes of the work completed, or provide an explanation of why the work will be delayed or cannot be completed. That information is automatically sent to a citizen (if they provided email) who requested the work.

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9. How does Click West U work?