Sick Leave

Sick leave with pay shall be granted when an employee has a physical incapacity not incurred in the line of duty, a personal illness or immediate family member illness, or enforced quarantine. Sick leave shall be accrued at the rate of 120 hours per year for all full-time personnel. For Fire Department shift personnel, they shall accrue 180 hours per year. 

The City also developed a sick leave incentive program to reward good attendance by annually converting a portion of their unused sick leave into vacation if the employee elects. Full-time employees with 12 months of service are eligible to convert leave time based on the following:

  • 0 Days taken: May convert 3 days of sick to vacation
  • Up to 1.5 days taken: May convert 2 days of sick to vacation
  • More than 1.5 days but not more than 3 days: May convert 1 day of sick to vacation

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