What do I do before, during and after a delinquent termination of service?

By the time you receive a statement on your account, you are paying for services used approximately 6 weeks before. After the due date has passed, a reminder notice is sent to delinquent accounts, notifying them that they missed the deadline. If that is not paid, a second notice warning of disconnection is sent. If this is disregarded, the services will be terminated and the account will be assessed a $50 disconnection fee. To prevent termination of services, a resident MUST bring the account current or set up a payment plan to have the service turned back on. If a resident uses a credit card to bring their account current before termination, the Finance Office MUST be contacted as soon as the payment is made to allow staff time to verify payment and stop the termination process; payments made at the window will be automatically credited at the time of payment, stopping the termination process. It is the resident’s responsibility to inform the Utility Department that payment has been made if not at the customer service window. Service is normally restored during business hours; it can be restored after hours, weekends or holidays at an additional cost so it is very important that you respond promptly to the reminder letters. If your service is disconnected, we will still take payments in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card. However, the payment SHOULD be done in the office in person to ensure a quick reconnection. We will not reconnect until we receive the payment. If you put a check in the mail, it generally takes 3 days to arrive; if a weekend or holiday is involved, the time may be longer. It is in your best interest to bring the payment to the counter and pay in person. If you place it in the utility drop box during the day, it will not be processed until the next morning as the box run is between 7-7:15 am each day. If you choose to pay by credit card, you MUST contact our office and let us know that a payment has been made so that we can verify if and apply it to your account. Again, it is to your benefit to come into the office and pay by credit card with staff. If you have problems remembering to pay because of busy schedules, you might want to consider a free automatic draft on your checking account, done in-house on the monthly due date, or recurring credit card payments, done online through Citizen Access. If interested in either of the options, let us know. We don’t want to turn anyone’s service off; please help ensure that does not happen by paying your bill on or before the due date.

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