If I have had an account in West U for years, you have my information ---right?

Maybe.... that is the best answer we can give you without checking your account. In 2011, the Finance Department changed software. Some of your contact information easily populated in the new system while some was lost in the transition. We want the following information on all our customers at a minimum: 

• Account holder information; if you are not listed on the account, we can’t talk to you about the account. onames of all adults listed on contract or lease omailing address if different than physical address ocurrent telephone information including home, work and cell ocurrent email address 

•Driver’s license information on all account holders; this is used to verify identity. If driver’s license is unavailable, a copy of a current passport will suffice. 

•Copy of the first page of your sales contract or HCAD documentation of ownership; copy of the first page of a lease if a renter. 

•Optional: o legal information for executors including driver’s license odivorce decrees to remove a once married spouse from the account odeath certificate to remove a deceased spouse from the account oauthorization from the account holder for staff to act in behalf

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1. What utilities does West University Place provide?
2. How do I set up my utility service?
3. How do I terminate my utility service when I move?
4. How do I set up automatic payments?
5. What is the link to pay online by credit card?
6. How do I pay/view my utility bill on-line?
7. Does West U really read the water meters each month or is it estimated?
8. Will I get my adjustment on the bill I have in hand now? Do I have to pay this bill or can I wait for the adjustment?
9. Why is my bill so high? Could the City have a leak under the street that is impacting me?
10. Can I see what my bill is online?
11. Can you explain the time factor in the utility billing process?
12. Do you waive the late fees if I didn't receive my bill?
13. Can you waive late fees for customers with good payment history?
14. I got a late fee on my account but my check shows I paid it before the due date.
15. What are some of the things that could cause me a problem with my utility account or cause me to have late fees?
16. Why do you cut off residential water? What about families with older adults or children?
17. What happens if I need to enter into a payment plan?
18. I pay using my bank's bill-paying program. Is that an electronic transfer that is credited on the same day as my bank takes the money from my account?
19. What kind of information do we need to provide to maintain current customer records?
20. What do I do before, during and after a delinquent termination of service?
21. What discounts do I get on my water bill when I turn 65?
22. If I have had an account in West U for years, you have my information ---right?
23. What is the ordinance about utility payments?
24. So you have missed your utility payment? What should you expect to happen?