Public Works Department


3826 Amherst
West University Place, TX 77005

713-662-5839 for Customer Service

Public Works Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Barrera, Gerardo Interim Public Works Director 713.662.5845

Development Services Division 

Permits, Plan Review, Building  Inspections, Contractor Registration, Code Enforcement, Animal Control and Forestry

Name Title Email Phone
Chew, Clay Chief Building Official 713.662.5830
Gheorghe, Sam Building Inspector 713.662.5829
Hayes, Josie Administrative Coordinator 713.662.5843
Morris, Mike Permit Technician 713.662.5838
Elliott, Ashley Permit Technician 713.662.5834
Paripovich, Daniel Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer 713.662.5831
Koehl, Craig Urban Forester 713.662.5313

General Services Division 

Traffic Control, Fleet Maintenance, Solid Waste, Recycling, and Street Sweeping

Name Title Email Phone
Graham, Jonathan Crew Chief - Solid Waste and Recycling 713.662.5375
Jones, Damian Lead Traffic Technician 713.662.5844
Orewiler, Craig Traffic Technician 713.662.5839
Hedspeth, Cedric Lead Mechanic 713.662.5832

Planning Division 


Name Title Email Phone
Scarcella, Debbie City Planner 713.662.5893

Operations Division 

Street Maintenance, Storm Drainage, Water and Sewer Maintenance

Name Title Email Phone
Cameron, Danny Field Services Supervisor 713.662.5846
Cooper, Barron Plant Supervisor 713.662.5873

Facilities Maintenance Division 

Access Controls, HVAC/Electrical/ Lighting, Building Maintenance, Contract Management, Painting, Plumbing, Pest Control

Name Title Email Phone
Ortiz, Rosendo Facilities Maintenance Manager 713.662.5379
Delgado, Leo Facilities Technician 713.662.5382