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City Secretary's Office

  1. Proclamation Form

    To request a Recognition or Proclamation from the Mayor's Office, please fill out and submit the form below.


  1. West University Tree Trust Application

    To apply for a tree from the West University Place Tree Trust, complete this form.

Information Technology

  1. IT Handbook Acknowledgement 2020

    This form is for employees to add their name in acknowledgment that they have read the 2020 IT Handbook, located online at... More…

Police Department

  1. Alarm Permit Registration

    Register your Alarm Permit Residents and business owners should note that all active alarm systems are REQUIRED to have a permit on... More…

  2. Community C.A.R.E.S Registration

    Sign up here

  3. House Watch Form
  4. Sign up for DirectLink Monitoring

    Complete and submit this form to register for Direct Link Monitoring. The City of West University Place Police Department offers this... More…

  5. Update Account Information

    If you would like to add, remove, or update contact information, subscriber information, or service(s), please update here.

  1. City of West University Place Bicycle Registration Form

    Register your bicycle with the West University Place Police Department.

  2. Discontinue Services

    Please indicate which service(s) you are cancelling. Please note that the City will only cancel the service(s) that are marked. Any... More…

  3. Public Records Request
  4. Temporary No Parking Sign Request

    The WEST U CARES PROGRAM is dedicated to serve the residents of West University Place who may have physical or cognitive impairments... More…

Public Works

  1. East Side Paving & Drainage Improvement Project Special Request Form

    This form is to be completed to alert Public Works project staff of a special request for accommodation during this project.

Utility Billing

  1. Leak Adjustment Form

    Leak adjustment form may be submitted for a period not to exceed (6) consecutive monthly billing periods. No adjustment will be... More…

  2. Starting City Utility Services - RESIDENCE

    Welcome to the City of West University Place! To start your utility services, please complete the online form below, provide proper... More…

  3. Terminating City Utility Services

    We are sorry to see you go! To terminate your utility services, please complete the online form below and submit no later than 4 p.m.... More…

  4. Update Contact Information

    Recently the Finance Department attempted to contact you and found that we were either missing contact information on your account or... More…

  1. Starting City Utility Services - BUSINESS

    Welcome to the City of West University Place! To start utility services for your business, please complete the online form below,... More…

  2. Swimming Pool Refill Adjustment Form

    We can only adjust if your pool was refilled on your water meter (non‐irrigation meter).

  3. Unusually Large Bill Adjustment Form

    We can only adjust using one (1) month out of the last six (6) consecutive months. That means if there is more than one (1) month of... More…