So you have missed your utility payment? What should you expect to happen?

1. A late charge of 10% of the bill will be added on the 21st day after the bill is sent; this is the day AFTER it is due. That is set by ordinance and cannot be removed by staff unless it is the result of an error by the staff. An example of a staff error might be sending the statement to the wrong mailing address. A resident being on vacation or not receiving a statement in the mail is NOT staff error. There is no "grace period" with the ordinance. Payments received in the office or the drop box by 7:30 am (start of business) the 21st day are considered on time; mail received on the 21st day is not considered on time. If you pay by your bank's billpay system, make sure you allow 5-7 days for postal delivery as late fees will not be removed. We offer automated draft on checking and credit cards accounts to help facilitate meeting due dates. 

EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 25, 2013: If your late fee is not the result of staff error, but you wish to pursue its removal, you may request a waiver. The city manager and finance director may approve the removal of a late fee if the user: 

  • Requests the waiver in writing within 30 days of the delinquent notice and 
  • Has not receiver a waiver in the preceding 24-months. 

Any approved waivers will be reflected on the next billing statement. 

2. In accordance with Section 86:34, if payment has not been received by the end of business hours on the 21st day (5:30 pm), the City may give notice of possible disconnection of services. The city utility service is billed a month in arrears. Readings of all meters are done at the end of each month; billing statements are created and mailed between the 25th-30th of the following month and due on the 3red Wednesday of the next month. (For example, June usage is read on the 29th and 30th, billed on July 25th and due on August 14th.) If you have not received your statement by the first day of the month, please contact the Finance office for the balance or another copy. Not receiving a bill does not remove the responsibility of payment from the resident.

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22. If I have had an account in West U for years, you have my information ---right?
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24. So you have missed your utility payment? What should you expect to happen?