What is the ordinance about utility payments?

The following is the City ordinance under which the utility department operates. The discussion that follows is based on ordinance sections 86-34 and 86-35 as shown below. Please take a moment to read the ordinance so that the information that follows becomes more clear. ============================================================== Sec. 86-34. - Billing, payment, nonpayment. (amended February 25, 2013) (a) Frequency; when delinquent. All users of utilities, solid waste collection, street lighting and other services furnished by the city will be billed monthly for services rendered. All bills will be due and payable on presentation and will become delinquent on the 21st day following the date mailed. (b) Late charge/waiver of late charge. If a bill becomes delinquent, there is a one-time additional charge of ten percent of the lesser of the amount due or the amount last billed. With the city manager’s and finance director’s approval the late charge may be waived under the following circumstances: a. The user has submitted a written request for a waiver of the late charge within 30 days of the delinquent notice; and b. The user has not received a waiver for a late charge within the preceding 24-month period. (c) Returned checks. If a check or other instrument is returned, an additional charge may be assessed. The amount of this charge will be determined by the city council. A returned check or other instrument will be treated as if there had been no payment received and retroactive late charges may be assessed.(d) Partial payment. If a partial payment is made, the amount will be allocated to amounts due the city in the following order: (1) First, to any additional fees and charges, such as late charges and returned check charges, then due. (2) Then to the oldest regular charges, applied in this order: a. Current solid waste charges. b. Current street lighting fees. c. Any other charges. d. Current sewer charges. e. Current water charges. (e) Payment agreements. The finance director may agree to allow a delinquent account to be paid over a period of time. The user must agree in writing to a payment schedule. The agreement will not prevent discontinuation of service if the user fails to timely pay both the amount due under the terms of the agreement and current charges during the term of the agreement. (f) Discontinuation of service. If a bill becomes delinquent, the city may give notice that water and sewer services are proposed to be discontinued. The notice will give an opportunity for a hearing with the city manager (or the city manager’s designee) before discontinuation. If the delinquency is not resolved after the opportunity for a hearing, the city may discontinue water and sewer services without further notice. (g) Write off of bad debts. If, after all collection efforts have been exhausted, the finance director believes that it is unlikely that the city will be able to collect a delinquent account, the account’s status may be changed from active to inactive. With the city manager’s approval, the finance director may suspend active collection efforts for an account balance that has been inactive for at least two years. Sec. 86-35. - Resumption of service. Utility service will not be restored to a user whose service has been discontinued because of delinquency until the following conditions are met: (1) All delinquent amounts are paid; (2) Any service charges established by the city council are paid; (3) A deposit in the amount established by the city council is paid. The finance director, with the approval of the city manager may waive this requirement. Deposits will be returned, or credited to the account of the user, after the account has not been delinquent for 12 complete months from the day the deposit is made. ===================================================

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