What are some of the things that could cause me a problem with my utility account or cause me to have late fees?

•All accounts should be paid in full by the due date each month to ensure no late fees. 

•Any balance not paid in full will accrue late charges. 

•Waiting for account adjustments before paying your current bill; adjustments are made to the next month’s bill. 

•Not signing a check; we then have to contact you for a replacement. If your account information is not up-to-date, then the check will be returned by mail, adding additional time to the payment process. 

•Improper check writing: be sure your numerical amount and written amount are the same. We will contact you for a replacement if they do not. All checks MUST include the written part of the check as that is the legal description of the check and our bank will not accept any check not bearing that.

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15. What are some of the things that could cause me a problem with my utility account or cause me to have late fees?
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