Wallys PoolSchool Classes for Ages 1 - 4

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Starfish - Level 1 (Ages 1-2, Parent & Tot)

This class is for parents and tots to learn general water safety and swimming techniques, and prepare the tot for non-parent, Tadpole class.

Class Size Guideline: 10 Tots


Tadpole - Level 2 (Ages 2-3, Tot without Parent)

Children will work on water entry and adjustment without the assistance of the parent. Students will learn prone and supine swimming positions, breath control, basic arm movement and kicking.

Prerequisite: Starfish class or age appropriate
Class Size Guideline: 3 Students


Penguin - Level 3 (Ages 3-4, Beginner)

Students will work on holding breath, fully submerging head for 3 seconds, retrieving objects in chest-deep water, holding supported prone and supine floats and recovering, breathing, stepping from side into chest deep water and recovering to a vertical position, getting out at the side of pool, conducting basic arm motions, and kicking.

Prerequisite: Age requirement enforced and/or graduate of Tadpole class; must be comfortable with water.

Class Size Guideline: 4 Students


Sea Lion - Level 4 (Ages 3-4, Intermediate)

Students will work on enhancing the skills learned in the Penguin class by gaining confidence to do the skills on his/her own (without assistance). Other skills taught include arm motions for both freestyle and backstroke, prone and supine glides, elementary backstroke/breaststroke kick, diving for underwater objects, and knee dives.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Penguin class. Must be able to demonstrate basic swimming motions while comfortably putting face in the water.

Class Size Guideline: 4 Students


Clownfish - Level 5 (Ages 3-4, Advanced)

The Clownfish class is the most advanced level for younger swimmers. This class will focus on endurance and stroke readiness. Skills taught include rotary breathing, prone and supine glides into stroke, freestyle and backstroke corrections, elementary backstroke arms and kick, breaststroke kick, butterfly kick and diving.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Sea Lion class. Must be able to swim unassisted for 10 yards

Class Size Guideline: 5 Students