West U Cares Program

The WEST U CARES PROGRAM is dedicated to serve the residents of West University Place who may have physical or cognitive impairments (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, etc.) and are not able to interact with first responders. If a participant of the West U Cares Program is found wandering or reported missing, first responders will have access to their basic information and a photograph in order to assist them back to their homes or to their loved ones. Registrants will be provided with a free emergency medical information wallet card that he or she can carry.

Registering for the West U Cares Program is easy: complete and return the West U Cares Program form with as much information as possible and provide at least one recent photograph of the registrant. The West University Place Police Department can also assist with taking photographs (please call ahead to set an appointment). You may come into the police department to complete form or use the online form here

Photograph rules:

1. Must be as current as possible

2. Photographs of registrants under the age of 18 must be updated annually

3. Must clearly depict and identify the registrant

4. Image of the registrant by himself or herself preferred

* Registrants must be residents of West University Place.