City-Wide Drainage Study

Major Drainage Systems and Outfalls

City Wide Drainage Study

​In 2017, the City began an assessment of the all the existing storm sewer pipes to verify which parts of the system satisfy the 2-year capacity requirement. This effort was performed in phases, and the scope of work for different portions of the City varied according to the type of work and level of detail required from one area to the other.  The combined efforts reflects a general City-wide drainage capacity evaluation, with more detailed assessments and studies of specific areas within the City.

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Drainage Report:

Drainage Report (no attachments)

Drainage Report (large file with all attachments)

List of Attachments:

Attachment A: Roadway Rehabilitation Status

Attachment B: Fact Sheet - Poor Farm Ditch/Killmarnock Ditch, HCFCD, August 2014

Attachment C: Drainage Planning Area Map

Attachment D: Opinions of Probable Cost of Planning Areas

Attachment E: Opinions of Probable Costs for Truck Line Projects

​List of Appendices:

Appendix A: Buffalo Speedway Improvements - Drainage Preliminary Engineering Report (Draft - October 19, 2018)

Appendix B: Preliminary Storm Sewer Drainage Analysis for Six Ponding Locations in the Academy Street Drainage System in West University Place (April 21, 2016)

Appendix C: Poor Farm Ditch Conveyence Preliminary Engineering Report (Freese & Nichols Inc. - September 2017)

Appendix D: Drainage Evaluation for Dead-End Streets (July 6, 2017)

Appendix E: Preliminary Storm Sewer Drainage Analysis for Four Ponding Locations along Wakeforest Avenue in West University Place (April 21, 2016)