Utility Bill Payment Options

Payment Forms

The city accepts the following in payment of utility services:

  • ACH Transfer
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • Money Orders

How to Make Payments

The City of West U offers several payment options:

  • Check Payments - May be submitted at City Hall, mailed, or put in the drop box located behind City Hall on Amherst. Please note the drop box is checked at the beginning (7:30 a.m.) of each business day.
  • ACH Payments – Auto draft directly from a checking or savings account. To sign up for this option please complete the Automatic Payment Application (PDF) and provide a copy of a voided check. Return those items to the Utility Department either by email to Billing Help, mailing it, placing in the drop box, or drop it off in person, then a Utility Department employee will enter the information into the system. On the monthly due date, the account will be drafted for the full amount owed that month. On the bottom portion of the statement, it will say "DO NOT PAY," as a reminder the account is signed up for auto draft payments.
  • Credit Card Payments – Auto draft directly from a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card, currently with no fees to the residents. To sign up for this option, create an account through our Citizen Access Portal. For additional information and instructions please click on Pay Online, you can also call 713.662.5824 or email Billing Help.

Account Changes

It is the account holder's responsibility to inform the Utility Department of changes to the checking or savings account, such as the closing of one account and opening of a new account, the sale of a bank resulting in change to routing or account numbers, or other factors that may affect the contact and account information.

It is also the account holder's responsibility to inform the Utility Department if switching from an automatic bank draft to credit card payments. You can sign up for credit card payments through our online payment system, Citizen Access Portal, but in order to be removed from the automatic bank draft, an employee with the Utility Department will have to delete the information from the system.