Notice to Prospective Candidate

Interested Individuals

Thank you for your consideration to offer your services to the citizens of West University Place by becoming a candidate in the May 6, 2017 municipal election. In an effort to inform you of dates that will be important to you and your obligation to comply with certain applicable state statutes and local ordinances, a candidate’s packet has been prepared with the necessary forms below and pertinent instructions. I encourage you to read the materials prior to filling out the specific forms.

Documents & Handouts

Document Additional Information or Requirements
Application for Place on the Ballot (PDF)
The loyalty oath is included on this application and must be notarized.
Calendar of Important Dates for Filing, Submitting Forms, Etc. (PDF)
Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders (PDF)
City's Sign Ordinance (PDF)
Excerpts From City Charter Regarding City Council and Elections (PDF)
Form ACTA - Amended Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate (PDF)
Form ACTA - Instruction Guide (PDF)
Form CFCP - Code of Fair Campaign Practices (PDF)
This form may be signed voluntarily. It is not mandatory.
Form C/OH - Candidate Officeholder Campaign Finance Report (PDF)
This form is to be completed by the candidate or the candidate's campaign treasurer (but signed only by the candidate). Instructions on filing finance reports and the final report are in the C/OH Instruction Guide.
Form C/OH - Instruction Guide (PDF)
Form CTA - Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate (PDF)
This form should be filed in the City Secretary's Office at the same time as the application for place on the ballot. Please note the statement that must be signed regarding the nepotism law. A summary of the nepotism law is in the CTA Instruction Guide.
Form CTA - Instruction Guide (PDF)
Form to Authorize Release of Personal Email Address (PDF)
Petition for Place on the Ballot (PDF)
25 signatures required and each page filled out must be notarized.  
Political Advertising: What You Need to Know (PDF)

Additional Forms:

Report of Unexpended Contributions (PDF)

​Instruction Guide for Unexpended Contributions (PDF)

​This form is to be used to report the disposition of unexpended funds.

Filing Dates

Filing for a place on the ballot begins January 18, 2017 and ends at 5:00 p.m. on February 17, 2017.  

Review Process

Each application must be carefully reviewed to determine whether it complies with the Election Code requirements as to content. Please file your application as soon as practicable to allow sufficient time for this review.

Special Notes

Please make special note of the next two paragraphs of information.
Title 15 of the Texas Election Code pertains to campaign contributions and expenditures. Financial reports (forms included as referenced above) must be completed by the candidate’s campaign treasurer (but signed only by the candidate) and filed in my office. I can not over emphasize the importance of adhering to the financial reporting procedures. Campaign reports are considered open records and will be viewed as such by reporters and opponents alike.

Should you have any questions regarding the reporting procedures, contributions or expenditures, please call the Texas Ethics Commission, Disclosure Filings Division at 512-463-5800 for assistance or visit the Texas Ethics Commission website. The duties of the City Secretary are limited to accepting and filing the various applications, affidavits and statements, and noting the date and time of filing thereon.


The Texas Election Law requires certain disclosures and notices on political advertising. Please review the political advertising guide and the city’s current Sign Ordinance. There is no permit required for political signs, however, they do not belong:
  • Attached to trees
  • Between the sidewalks and the curbs (street right-of-ways)
  • On utility poles
We ask your discretion in the placing of such signs.

Interest in your municipal government is appreciated and I trust that this will be a positive and exciting experience for you and your supporters.

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the City Secretary if you have any concerns. She can be reached at 713-662-5813 or at by email.

This notice was posted on December 6, 2016 by City Secretary and Filing Officer Thelma A. Gilliam.