Law Street Project Alerts

  1. May 2023
  2. December 2022

May 30, 2023: As of May 30, the installation of the new water line has been successfully completed along Law Street, from Academy to Community, as well as down Fairmont from Law to Albans.

We are moving forward with the next crucial step in the project. Hydrostatic testing of the newly installed lines will take place shortly. This testing is necessary to ensure the integrity and reliability of the infrastructure. In addition to hydrostatic testing, water samples will also be taken and tested prior to connecting residential service lines and putting the new water line into operation to ensure safety. 

Once the hydrostatic testing is completed successfully, we will connect the residential service lines and activate the new water line onto West U’s system, providing you with an improved and more efficient water system. Residents will be notified when the connection is expected to take place.

We understand the significance of a reliable water supply, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this project.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Law Street Water Line Project, please contact Capital Projects Manager, Eduardo Barreto at 713-662-5848 or by email at 


May 4, 2023: Beginning Monday, May 8, the Law Street Water Line Project will begin. This project will include the installation of a 4” water line to allow the residents residing on the 4100 & 4200 block of Law Street to be serviced by the City of West University Place water distribution system. 

Residents can expect the following as the project begins.

  • Week of May 8 – Crews will begin mobilization, receiving materials and locating service lines.
  • Week of May 15 – Installation of traffic control measures at Albans St. & Fairmont St. to begin concrete removal at the intersection. The contractor will be closing off ¼ of the intersection at one time. 
  • Week of May 22 – Beginning the installation of the 4” water line that go north from the intersection of Albans St. & Fairmont St. towards Law St. 

As the project progresses more information will be provided. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please note, inclement weather may postpone work until the following day. 

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For questions regarding this project, please contact Capital Project Manager Eduardo Barreto at 713-662-5848 or via email at