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3/29/2023: The city is in the final stages of completing the Buffalo Speedway project. We anticipate that all remaining items will be completed by the end of April.  

  • The city is aware of the out streetlights along Buffalo Speedway. We are working with CenterPoint to get these fixed.
  • The signal lights at W. Holcombe & Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet & Buffalo Speedway are owned and operated by the City of Houston. They are expected to be out to work on their signal lights on Friday, March 31. They will transition their lights from the temporary project signals back to the normal signal lights. The lights will also be returned to their regular pre-construction timing.
  • We are working with the Contractor (SER) to schedule the remaining sod replacement and irrigation repairs.

If you have any questions or need to report irrigation damage, please contact Capital Project Manager Eduardo Barreto at 713-662-5848 or via email at ebarreto@westutx.gov

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