FY 2024 Budget & 2023 Tax Rate

The City of West University Place Charter requires that the City Manager prepare and submit annually to City Council a budget. In late spring each year, the city kicks off this annual budget process to determine the needs of the city. Departments submit their requests in early July and review them with the City Manager in early August. The proposed budget goes to City Council for presentation, public hearing, and voting in August/September for use in the next fiscal year (FY).  Once adopted, the budget takes effect on the first day of the City’s FY which begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

Notice of 2023 Proposed Tax Rates

Fiscal Year 2024 City Manager's Proposed Budget

FY 2024 Proposed Budget

FY 2023 Budget & 2022 Tax Rate

Budget Information

The Budget at a Glance provides residents a simple overview of how the City's budget operates, a clear understanding of what your tax dollars go to, and initiatives taking place in 2023.

FY 2023 Budget at a Glance

Fiscal Year 2023 City Manager's Adopted Budget

FY 2023 Adopted Budget

Tax Rate Information         

2022 Adopted Tax Rate: $0.277402

  1. Budget Process
  • July - Departments submit budget requests for the next fiscal year to Finance Department
  • Early August - Finance Department and City Manager meet to review budget submissions
  • Late August - The proposed budget is created
  • Early September - Staff meet with City Council for a budget workshop 
  • Late September - Council adopts the next fiscal year budget
  1. Property Tax Calculation