11/16/2020 City Council Meeting

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1. Call Workshop to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Recess Workshop and Convene into Executive Session

4. Close Executive Session and Reconvene Workshop

5. Tri-Sports Memorandum of Understanding

7. Call Regular Meeting to Order

8. Roll Call

9. Pledge of Allegiance

10. Public Comments

Items 11-20 (The Joint Public Hearing) are under one recording. See recording below Item 20.

11. Recess Regular Meeting

12. Call Joint Public Hearing to Order and Roll Call – City Council

13. Call Joint Public Hearing to Order and Roll Call – Zoning and Planning Commission

14. Explanation of Hearing Procedure

15. Purpose of Hearing

16. Staff Report

17. Persons Wishing to Speak For or Against the Proposal

18. Council/Zoning and Planning Commission/Staff Discussion

19. Close Public Hearing - ZPC

20. Close Public Hearing and Reconvene Regular Meeting – City Council

21. COVID-19 Update

22. Tri-Sports Memorandum of Understanding

23. Ordinance Amending Outdoor Lighting Regulations

24. Consent Agenda

25. Adjourn Regular Meeting