Adult Programs


The Bollywood Workout is a dance-based interval training fitness program. Celebrate your body, mind and one of the most festive cultures of the world through Doonya! Follow along to cardio and conditioning intervals of varying intensity, each activating major muscle groups of the abs, arms and legs.Registration Button Opens in new window

Begins: July 29

Hip Hop Fit and Fun

Enjoy this dance fitness program aims to provide a total mind and body experience for individuals looking for a fun, high intensity, hip hop dance experience that also encompasses basic Yoga and meditation mantras.Registration Button Opens in new window

Begins: July 29

Core and More

Core & More training is a medium to fast-paced mix of cardio, strength and core exercises designed to strengthen your abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings and shoulders all while having fun. It is 30 minutes of exciting exercise that is worth the sweat.Registration Button Opens in new window

Begins: August 3