Little iKids Camp

Lego Tech Luau - Ages 3-7

Hula over to LEGO Island for an aqua-bot adventure.  Have fun with LEGO robotics building sea animals, water vehicles and more.  Take a sunset stroll on the boardwalk and build machines like Ferris wheels and other exciting rides.  Enjoy this island adventure of sand castles, beach ball and water play.

When:  June 1-4

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Kid-Style Cooking - Ages 4-8

It is culinary school for kids.  Young chefs learn basic cooking skills with fun food activities.  Students will become familiar with culinary terms, kitchen utensils, reading recipes and more.  Each day will be filled with creativity, science and math based concepts threaded through out our exciting cooking endeavors.  

When:  June 8-11 or July 20-23

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

LEGO Tech USA - Ages 3-7

Travel on an all American road trip through LEGO USA and explore some of America’s favorite things, such as cars, sports and space.  Have fun with LEGO building from simple machines to basic robotics for each raod stop and tourist attraction.  Build your vehicle and lets go.

When:  June 22-25

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Dinotunes Discovery - Ages 3-7

Journey to a dinosaur discovery site for music exploration.  Children are introduced to basic skills as they participate in dinosaur themed activities, such as conducting archeological digs for dinosaur bones to make rhythm and drum sticks.

When:  June 27-30

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room

Fairy Tale Fine Arts - Ages 3-7

Art, music, drama and dance are the focus of this fairy tale themed camp.  Every day will be a new learning experience in the realm of fine arts.  

When:  August 3-6

Location:  Colonial Park Multi-Purpose Room