Wallys PoolSchool Classes for Ages 5 and Up

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Dolphin - Level 1 (Ages 5+, Beginner)

Dolphin is the beginner class for students ages 5 and up who have not taken swim lessons before, who have some fear of the water or who have no swimming skills whatsoever. Skills taught will include getting comfortable with the water, breathing, retrieving objects from bottom of pool, prone and supine glides, freestyle and backstroke kicks, elementary backstroke kick and introduction to the deep end.

Class Size Guideline: 5 students
Prerequisite: Age requirement strictly enforced


Eel – Level 2 (Ages 5+, Advanced Beginner)

Skills presented in the Eel class will be submerging head and body for 4-10 seconds, retrieving objects in waist-deep water, unsupported floats and glides, unassisted freestyle and backstroke — strokes don’t have to be perfect, but swimmers must understand technique and have endurance to complete at least 12.5 yards (1/2 length of the pool). Other skills presented will include knee dives in the deep end, elementary backstroke and breaststroke kick, elementary backstroke arms and rotary breathing.

Class size guideline: 5 students
Prerequisite: Graduate of Sea Lion class (age appropriate) or Dolphin class; must be able to demonstrate basic swimming skills with face in the water.


Marlin – Level 3 (Ages 5+, Intermediate)

The Marlin class enhances the skills learned in the Eel class by building swimmers’ confidence to do the skills on their own (without assistance) for longer distances. Additional skills learned will be retrieving objects with eyes open, jumping in water slightly over head and traveling to safe area, jumping into deep water from side of pool, standing dives, prone and supine glides with push-off, backstroke and freestyle endurance, rotary breathing, elementary backstroke/breaststroke kick, breaststroke arms and introduction to butterfly kick and arms.

Class Size Guideline: 6 Students
Prerequisite: Graduate of Eel or Sea Lion class (age appropriate); must be able to swim comfortably on own without assistance for a minimum of 12.5 yards with recognizable freestyle and backstroke motions and technique.


Stingray – Level 4 (Ages 5+, Advanced)**

The Stingray class builds on skills that have been taught in the Eel and Marlin levels, along

with endurance. Skills that will be further developed include diving from a standing position, rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and elementary backstroke. New skills include flip turns, streamline pushoffs and rhythmic breathing for butterfly and breaststroke. Class will be taught in a full lane.

Class size guideline: 8 students
Prerequisite: Graduate of Marlin class; must be able to swim 25 yards using freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke, and demonstrate understanding of breaststroke and butterfly as well as standing dives.


Barracuda – Level 5 (Ages 6+, Skilled)**

Swimmers in the Barracuda class will become proficient in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and elementary backstroke. Skills such as pull-downs, flip turns, racing dives, breaststroke and butterfly kicks, and endurance will be the main focus. Class will be taught in a full lane.

Class size guideline: 8 students
Prerequisite: Graduate of Stingray class; must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle from standing dive, backstroke from streamline push-off and elementary backstroke; must be able to swim at least 25 yards of butterfly and breaststroke; must demonstrate basic understanding of flip turns.

**Class duration is longer than lower levels.