Public Works Department


3826 Amherst
West University Place, TX 77005

713-662-5839 for Customer Service

Public Works Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Barrera, Gerardo Assistant Director, Public Works 713-662-5845

Development Services Division 

Permits, Plan Review, Building  Inspections and Contractor Registration

Name Title Email Phone
Chew, Clay Chief Building Official 713-662-5830
Gheorghe, Sam Building Inspector 713-662-5829
Hayes, Josie Administrative Coordinator 713.662.5843
Morris, Mike Permit Technician 713-662-5838
Elliott, Ashley Permit Technician 713.662.5834
Wolfe, Paul Building Inspector 713-662-5859

General Services Division 

Traffic Control, Fleet Maintenance, Solid Waste, Recycling, and Street Sweeping

Name Title Email Phone
Graham, Jonathan Crew Chief - Solid Waste and Recycling 713-662-5375
Jones, Damian Lead Traffic Technician 713-662-5844
Orewiler, Craig Traffic Technician 713-662-5839
Hedspeth, Cedric Lead Mechanic 713-662-5832

Planning Division 

Planning, Code Enforcement, Animal Control and Forestry

Name Title Email Phone
Scarcella, Debbie City Planner 713-662-5893
Paripovich, Daniel Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer 713-662-5831
Koehl, Craig Urban Forester 713-662-5313

Operations Division 

Street Maintenance, Storm Drainage, Water and Sewer Maintenance

Name Title Email Phone
Walters, Patrick Operations Superintendent 713.662.5839
Cameron, Danny Field Services Supervisor 713-662-5846
Cooper, Barron Plant Supervisor 713-662-5873

Facilities Maintenance Division 

Access Controls, HVAC/Electrical/ Lighting, Building Maintenance, Contract Management, Painting, Plumbing, Pest Control

Name Title Email Phone
Ortiz, Rosendo Facilities Maintenance Manager 713-662-5379