ATT Rezone Request


ATT Rezone Request: The City received an application from ATT to rezone 6 lots that it currently owns along the 4100 block of Ruskin (Corner of Academy Street & Ruskin Street).  

Meetings Held and Scheduled to Date:

  • 9/13/18    ZPC: The ZPC held its first meeting to consider the application. 
  • 10/22/18  City Council: The ZPC presented its preliminary report to the City Council.
    • The ZPC’s preliminary report recommended the City Council call for a joint public hearing between the ZPC and City Council on this issue.   
    • The joint public hearing is the meeting where the City will receive information that will be part of the official public record and used in making its determination on the application.
  • 1/14/19   City Council & ZPC Joint Public Hearing:
    • At this meeting, the ZPC and City Council will meet at the same time to consider the application and to receive information for the official public record.
    • There will be no decision on the application at this meeting.  It is strictly a meeting to allow the application to present their application and for interested residents to provide comments or information on the application.
    • After this meeting, the application will return the ZPC for additional deliberation.
  • 1/14/19 and/or 1/17/19  ZPC Meeting:
    • Depending upon the length of the joint public hearing on 1/14/19, the ZPC may meet directly after the joint public hearing or it will wait until Thursday 1/17/19.
    • The ZPC will consider the information provided at the joint public hearing that is part of the official public record in their deliberations.  Depending on the desire of the ZPC, they can prepare a final report that will be presented to the City Council for their consideration.

Please note – any information provided outside of the public hearing is not part of the official public record and not used in the proceedings.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please submit your comments to the City Secretary Thelma Gilliam at and ask that the information be entered into the official public record. 

The following links provide more information regarding the ATT rezone request: