Inclement Weather Policy

The City of West University Place Parks and Recreation Department is committed to your safety.  Below is our policy for closing Colonial Park Pool due to inclement weather.

Closing Criteria:

  • Lightning within 6 miles
  • Heavy Rain (Lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool)
  • Severe Weather

Closure Notification System

To assist our lifeguard team with detecting unsafe conditions a WeatherBug system has been installed.  This system can identify lightning within 6 miles, per the established policy. 

The alerts are immediate and provide real time notifications to the front desk staff.  Additionally, a strobe was installed on the exterior of the building near the tennis courts, so guests in the pool and tennis areas also receive notification of a weather alert. 

Once the detection has been made and the alerts are received, staff will begin clearing the pool.  For safety reasons, all guests will need to move under a solid structure.  Umbrellas and canopies are NOT a solid structure, and therefore are not safe.  Staff will assist all guests in finding a suitable safe location. 

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be processed for inclement weather.  However, if you have arrived at the pool and have checked in within 30 minutes of the closure, you will be given a rain-check that can be used during operational/public swim hours for the remainder of the current season.  Please check with front desk staff to help with these accommodations.