1. Emergency Medical Services Report (PDF)

    Learn how to obtain an incident report for a fire or medical response.

  2. Help for an Unusually Large Utility Bill

    If your utility bill is unusually large, the city can assist with finding leaks or setting up plans.

  3. House Watch Services

    The Police Department will place your house on a special watch for a maximum of 30 days while you are away.

  4. Public Information

    The City of West University Place has established guidelines in accordance with the Public Information Act (formerly Open Records Act) to ensure that all records in the possession of and pertaining to the operation of the governmental body are available to the public through a systematic and centralized process.

  5. Report a Concern

    Notify us about a general concern, comment, or compliment.

  6. Request an Inspection

    You may request an inspection using any one of the methods described in this resource.

  7. Solid Waste & Recycling

    West University Place provides curbside Solid Waste (garbage) and curbside Recycling.

  8. Security Survey

    The West University Place Police Department has several certified Crime Prevention Officers who can inspect your residence to see if you qualify for a 5%, 15%, or even 20% reduction in your homeowners insurance.

  9. KNOX Box