Payment Information

Payment Forms

The city accepts the following in payment of utility services:
  • ACH Transfer
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • Money Orders

How to Make Payments

Payment may be made in person at the Municipal Building, by mail, or through the drop box (located behind the Municipal Building on Amherst). Credit card payments are available now in person at the utility department or online with Citizen Access.

ACH Payments

West University Place offers its utility customers the option to set up an automatic draft (ACH) on their checking account.  This option is done in-house at no cost to the customer.  On the monthly due date, the account is drafted for the full amount owed that month. The customer will receive a paper bill in the mail or be able to view the account online. The paper bill will be marked  "Do Not Pay."  If you choose to use this program, it is your responsibility to inform the Utility Department when you have changes to your checking account, such as the closing of one account and opening of a new account, the sale of a bank resulting in change to routing or account numbers, or other factors that may affect your contact and account information.

Signing Up

If you choose to use this option, payment by ACH can be initiated by calling 713-662-5824. We will need a voided check and an Automatic Payment Application (PDF). Return the application with the voided check to:
3800 University Boulevard
West University Place, TX 77005

Start of Service

Depending on what time of the month you make application, your next payment could be drafted; please be sure to ask staff. For more information, call 713-662-5824 or 713-662-5826.

Unusually Large Bill


If you receive an unusually large water bill, you can contact the city at 713-662-5824 and request relief.

Leak Problems

If you have a large bill due to a leak, complete the Defect Adjustment Form (PDF) and provide the original repair bill. The city will absorb 50% of the difference between the high bill and your average bill. The city will adjust up to 6 bills of high consumption due to a leak.

General Adjustments

The other adjustment is to provide help with an unusually large bill not due to a leak. In most cases the city will adjust an unusually large bill to 160% of your average bill. Complete the Unusually Large Bill Form (PDF) and return to the Finance Department via mail, email or in person.

Adjustment Limits

Only one adjustment of either type can be made in a 12-month period. The adjustment will appear on your next bill.