Utilities & Billing

  1. Establishing Service

    The city of West University Place does not transfer utility services. Each renter/owner is responsible for connecting and terminating their own utility service.

  2. Fees & Rates

    Peruse a list of fees associated with setting up utilities, as well as the current rates for utility services.

  3. Payments & Bills

    The city accepts cash, checks, credit cards, money orders or automatic drafts in payment of utility services.

  4. Senior & Disabled Residents Solid Waste Service

    The city reduces the cost of solid waste pick-up for customers who are over 65 or disabled.

  5. Termination of Service

    See what happens in the event of a disconnection and how to prevent one from happening.

  6. Citizen Access

    Citizen Access provides the resident the opportunity to view their utility service statement online as well as a credit card payment option.