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  Date Case # Offense Summary
08/10/2018  18-P-0447   Theft 

An officer was dispatched to a residence located at the 6500 block of Mercer in regards to a theft that had already occurred. 



18-P-0448 Emergency Detention Order

At 7:40 PM, officers were dispatched to the West U FD in regards to a subject that was possibly experiencing a crisis. The subject was determined to be a danger to himself and/or others and was taken to Ben Taub on an Emergency Detention Order for evaluation.

08/11/2018 18-P-0449 Driving while intoxicated

An Officer observed a vehicle traveling southbound in the 5400 block of Buffalo Speedway with no Tail Lights illuminated. The Officer then attempted to get behind the vehicle when it was noticed the vehicle picking up speed in the 6000 block of block of Buffalo Speedway.  The vehicle was initially clocked traveling 41 mph in a 30 mph zone. Shortly after, the vehicle was observed picking up speed up to 68 mph in the 6500 block of Buffalo Speedway. A traffic stop was initiated in the 6700 block of Buffalo Speedway and upon further investigation; the driver (Emily Redinger) was taken into custody for the offense of Driving While Intoxicated.

Previous History:

File Date  Court  Offense     

10/16/2017  10  POSS MARIJUANA UNDER 2 OZ


18-P-0450 Driving while intoxicated At 1:36am, and officer observed a vehicle traveling northbound in the 5600 block of Buffalo Speedway. The radar was activated and registered the vehicle to be traveling 38 mph in a posted 30 mph speed limit then shortly after the vehicle failed to maintain its single lane, swerving into the southbound lane then swerving back into the northbound lane. A traffic stop was conducted and after further investigation, the driver was arrested for the offense of Driving While Intoxicated double the legal blood alcohol content limit with and open container.



No crimes reported



Recovery of stolen vehicle

At 12:48 AM, officers were dispatched to the 5600 block of Kirby in regards to a suspicious vehicle. Upon further investigation, the vehicle was discovered to have been reported to the Houston Police Department as stolen.



Burglary of Building   At 8:24 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the 6300 block of Westchester in regard to construction building material stolen from a home under construction.
08/14/2018 18-P-0453 Identity Theft

At 4:33 pm, an officer was dispatched to the West U PD Lobby in reference to a case of identity theft.   

08/15/2018 18-P-0454 Criminal Mischief

An Officer was dispatched to the 5800 block of Kirby in reference to a disgruntled male who caused damage to an entrance door belonging to a local business.  Upon arrival, an Officer located the male walking northbound towards the 5900 block of Kirby and made contact with him.  Upon further investigation, the subject (James Higginbotham) was arrested for the criminal offense of Criminal Mischief. 

Previous History:

File Date  Court  Offense 

8/8/2018  2  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

9/27/2014 8  Indecent Exposure

8/30/2014 15  Fail Ident To P-O-Fugitive

8/30/2014 15  Indecent Exposure

8/5/2014 180  Evad Arrest/Detention W/Prev Conv

5/15/2014 6  Indecent Exposure

5/5/2014 6  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

12/6/2013 10  Prop/Bldg-No Depart

11/17/2013 13  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

9/27/2013 8  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

7/22/2013 4  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

6/4/2013 15  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

5/8/2013 15  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

4/14/2013 8  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

10/25/2012 14  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

7/29/2012 9  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

6/15/2012 4  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

5/17/2012 1  Fail To Id To P.O. False Inf

2/5/2012 5  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

2/20/2010 13  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

8/6/2009 9  Evade Detention

8/6/2009 9  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

9/8/2008 12  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

6/3/2007 4  Criminal Trespass

2/1/2007 7  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

12/10/2006 1  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

8/12/2006 15 Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

7/24/2006 8  Disorderly Conduct

3/30/2005 11  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

4/28/2003 8  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart

4/12/2003 2  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Depart


08/15/2018 18-P-0455 Minor Accident / FSGI

At 7:27 PM, an officer was dispatched to the 4000 block of Bellaire in regards to a minor accident/fail to stop and give information that already occurred.

08/16/2018 18-P-0456  Warrant Arrest

An officer was dispatched to the 12400 block of S. Post Oak to meet with a Missouri City Officer who arrested a subject (Eddie Everline) with West University warrants. Custody of the subject was transferred and the individual was transported to the West University Place Jail where he was booked in without incident.

Previous History:

File Date  Court  Offense 

7/11/2018  6  Warrant / Citation Issued

7/2/2018 6  Warrant / Citation Issued Resist Arr-Search

11/21/2017 176  N/A   

11/11/2017 176  Theft Aggregate =>2500<30k Mult Cw

08/16/2018 18-P-0457  Theft

An officer was dispatched to a local business located in the 4000 block of Bellaire in regards to a theft that had just occurred. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a security guard had detained a subject (Eddie Hamm) who had just stolen items from the business. The subject was subsequently arrested for theft.

Previous History:

File Date  Court  Offense 

8/18/2017 176  Theft <$2,500

7/12/2017 176  Poss Cs Pg 1 <1g

6/4/2017 15  Trespass Prop/Bldg-No Forb Ent

3/2/2017 184  Att Unlaw Poss B/Felon Met/Body Arm

1/29/2017 8  $3,500.00  Theft >=$750 <$2,500

9/27/2016 178  $2,000.00  Credit/Debit Card Abuse

9/27/2016 10  Theft >=$100<$750


No crimes reported

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